Building Solid Solutions Since 1980

At TAS, safety matters. It's not contained in a manual that collects dust on a shelf; it's a process that each employee works to improve each and every day. It's one of our core values and is a way of life both inside our offices and out in the field.

We continuously strive to enhance our work environments. We have an overall professional approach to quality and safety, including a history of low incidents, improved morale and informed, responsive workers on each of our jobsites.

Along the way, we've incorporated some unique and creative approaches into our safety process. Daily jobsite meetings, mentoring, accident investigations and crew safety monitoring are all part of the long-range goal to enhance jobsite safety for everyone.

We accomplish this through a variety of components that make up the TAS safety process, including:

  • A full-time safety director and eight safety coordinators who visit project sites daily.
  • OSHA 10-hour certification for all supervisory personnel. 
  • OSHA 30-hour certification for many of our supervisory personnel.
  • First-aid and CPR training and certification for all supervisory personnel. 
  • Employee training on such topics as hazard communication, fall protection, material handling and personal protective equipment. 
  • Equipment-specific training for earth-moving and material handling equipment, aerial platforms and concrete pump operators.
  • Certification of concrete pump operators by the ACPA