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The Houston and Dallas offices of TAS Commercial Concrete Construction have participated in the State of Texas Partnering Agreement between Texas AGC Members and Region VI OSHA. This makes TAS the first, and currently the only, specialty contractor to be recognized in both Houston and Dallas as an OSHA Partner.

The Partnerships were established to formalize an effort between AGC Members and OSHA to recognize companies with exemplary safety and health programs and encourage companies to continue building their safety and health performance. Ultimately, the goals are to increase OSHA's ability to dedicate its enforcement resources to seeking compliance from non-partnering firms as well as creating a cooperative effort for maintaining safer job sites by reducing fatalities and injuries among construction workers.

"This Partnership is the result of many, many hours of hard work," said TAS Vice President of Operations, Tim Manherz. "But, we've already realized many fringe benefits as a result of these discussions. All parties have a much better understanding of the challenges faced by the other."

Contractors wanting to participate in the program must have an Experience Modification Rate of at least .75 or less; an LWDII (Lost Workday Incidence and Injury) rate at least 10 percent below the latest BLS National published rate; a written Safety and Health Program; and an identified Safety Representative for the company. Any contractor qualifying for the program will undergo a "Focused Inspection" by OSHA on one of their job sites and if no violations are noted, this contractor will not receive a programmed inspection on any of their job sites from OSHA for a period of one year.